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The first time I stepped into what was at the time called a “Gen-X church,” my first thought was, “This looks an awful lot like a youth group.” Indeed, it was started by a former youth pastor, and filled with former youth group members who, after they had “graduated” from the youth services to the adult services in their respective churches, had found that they had no voice in it; few cared to hear their input. So they went to a church that listened.

Of course, there are other factors that transformed those churches into emerging churches: They started developing a theology to understand (or even justify) their purpose and practices; they applied a postmodern methodology to theology that other Christians find bothersome; they tend to swing to the left politically, which to some Evangelicals is worse than apostasy.

But the groundwork for the movement was laid in youth groups. That is exactly right! Of course, we can’t call it a “Gen X church” anymore, ’cause now people of all ages go there.

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